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Sustainably effective for Madagascar

ADES Film: Sustainably effective for Madagascar

Safeguarding of our natural resources

Madagascar is a paradise of biodiversity. On the island in the Indian Ocean, over 90 percent of the animals and about 80 percent of the plants are endemic and exist only in Madagascar. Animal species such as lemurs or trees like the baobab are symbols of the island nation. This natural paradise is in danger: deforestation, erosion and desertification are endangering the livelihood of Madagascar's plants, animals and people. Already 90 percent of the original forest area has been lost.

As a non-governmental organisation (NGO), ADES has been working to preserve Madagascar's forests and livelihoods since 2001. With solar and energy-saving cookers, reforestation projects as well as education and awareness-raising measures, ADES protects nature and creates perspectives on poverty and rural exodus.

Impact figures 2023

In 2023, ADES was able to have a major impact and achieve the impact figures shown.

ADES not only reduces harmful CO2 emissions through the production and sale of solar and energy-saving cookstoves, but also acts as a major awareness-raising campaign together with education and reforestation projects.

In this way, we are putting the UN guiding principle for sustainable development "Leave no one behind" into practice.

Cooker sold at a discount
Schoolchildren reached
Trees reforested

With three pillars for Madagascar

To protect the nature of the island of Madagascar and its people, it is not enough to reduce the consumption of wood and coal alone. That is why ADES takes a holistic approach and accompanies the cookstove production with reforestation, awareness-raising and education projects. Deforested areas are replanted and children as well as adults receive educational opportunities and are sensitised to environmental concerns.

About Madagascar

Why Madagascar? Facts about the country, nature and problems.

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Every donation helps us to protect nature and provide prospects for the people of Madagascar. Thank you very much for your support!


On 8 March


Empowerment is a central concern for ADES. 8 March is also celebrated in Madagascar in a powerful way.

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